Quick overview:

PANYCHIDA is a black/pagan metal band from the Czech Republic. One of the well established bands of the genre. In 2016, the fourth album "Haereticalia" is released on Cursed Records. In previous years the band cooperated with german Folter records as well. The band toured round Europe several times and also played a successful tour over the ocean in Mexico. The music is a melodic mixture of black, death and heavy metal with some touches of traditional czech music. The 5th album is on the way to be born in 2018.

More detailed:

Panychida Formed in 2004, originally as a 2 men project (GHM – vocals, Sinneral – guitars, programming). First songs composed, although recorded at home in crappy quality, appreciated by the surroundings. Honza (guitar) and Talic (bass) join in spring 2005 and completes the band.

The first gig happened on December the 29th 2005 in Pilsen, still without a live drummer, using a drum machine. First 2 songs demo came out in 2006, followed by lot of live gigs and the debut album „PAGANIZED“, released by Folter Records (Ger) in summer of 2007. The session studio Drummer Honza K. joins the band as a full member. Many more gigs, including UTBS (Ger), Brutal Assault (Cz), Exit Fest (Ser)… GHM leaves the band for private reasons in 2009, being temporarily replaced by Appia (BELLIGERENCE, Cz) and later by Vlčák as a full time member.

The 2nd album „MOON, FOREST, BLINDING SNOW…“ comes in 2010, released by Folter Rec as well. Lots of other gigs, festivals, first small tours. Just 1 year later, an EP released in cooperation with Czech UG metal magazine PAŘÁT, as an enclosement of a December issue. Another successful year in live playing, including e.g. another Brutal Assault participation.

The 3rd album, „GRIEF FOR AN IDOL“ recorded and released in winter of 2013 by 3 labels (WEREWOLF - Cz, CURSED - At, PARAGON - USA). Some changes on the drummer’s spot. Honza K. swapped once with Hanz (DEATHSTAR, Cz). Finally, the drummer’s post is occupied by Lord Sheafraidh (TROLLECH, STÍNY PLAMENŮ, 1000 BOMBS,…). 3 European tours with INFEST, INFERNO, ARKONA, ARMADA.

The 4th album "HAERETICALIA" was released in May 2016 on Cursed Records again. The album is different to the other previous ones, but so far well appreciated by audience and journalists. The band still keeps it's typical compositions and melodies, but still bringing something extra and new. In February 2016 Panychida went a small European tour with ANGANTYR and SVARTA and in April/May 2016 the band also successfully went a tour round Mexico with INFERNO and ARMADA bands, it was the first trip out of Europe.

The year 2017 was held under the flag of playing concerts and composing the 5th album. Small tour with Serbian WOLF'S HUNGER happened in CZ, GER, RO, SER, and couple of nice gigs (Under the Black Sun, Oskorei Festival, etc.). The 5th album will be recorded in February 2018 and will bring back some darkness!

Early in 2018 the band started to record the 5th album GABRETA AETERNA, which got released in autumn 2020 at Folter Records. The release got delayed due to several reasons, as is the pandemic situation in the world, looking for a label to cooperate with, etc. The album is very well appreciated by the public crowd and also publicists. Sheafraidh leaves the band in summer 2020, the drummer post is still vacant (spring 2021).